ASGCE Services

Civil Rennovation & Contracting

We ADEL AL-SABT General Contracting Est. (ASGCE) are involved in various services but mainly concentrating on Civil on Civil Construction in Buildings & Earthworks like Basecourse, Surface leveling, Excavations, Foundations, Precast compound walls as well as Interior decoration and maintenance. We have excellent track record in this field. Having executed all our projects and services most effectively & successfully. In Building construction, we undertake Gypsum Ceiling & partition Works, Wall painting, Carpentry & Interior Fit-out Works Marble, Granite & Stone Works, Wall & Floor Tiles, Break/Block masonry, Wall plaster, etc.

Adel Ai-Sabt Gen. Cont. Est. (ASGCE) our core businesses in construction and maintenance, underpasses, sewage and watersupply networks, dewatering, water, and fuel strategic reservoirs, Foundations, piling works, aggregates, asphalt, concrete mixes and all types of tiles, Marbles, Interlocks, Curbstones and Waterproofing etc.

Since its establishment, (ASGCE) has accumulated extensive experience in different fields of construction and maintenance as well as industrial Trading. The company played a key part in enhancing the livability of Saudi cities since its establishment, by ensuring the delivery of quality and timely projects while also safeguarding the environment.

Safety is an essential factor of our success (ASGCE) has adopted the highest safety policies and standards that are constantly reviewed and updated. Our primary target ‘zero tolerance’ policies to ensure that employees work in a safe environment.

Excavation 1. Centerline Drawing or Gridline Drawing: Gridline drawings represents the grids marked in numbers and alphabets whose measurements are shown for site marking out reference. These grid lines are so aligned that the line falls on the excavation & footing. Excavation drawing represents the length, width and depth of the excavation. Excavation line is marked in dotted line.

Scope of the work for Excavation Setting out of corner benchmarks: Survey for ground levels, top levels, Excavation to approved depth, Dressing of loose soil, Making up to cut off level, Constructing dewatering wells and interconnecting trenches, Marking boundaries of the building, Constructing protection bunds and drains. Working Procedure of Excavation: The first and primary step involved in the excavation is to find out the extent of soil and Clearing of construction site is of unwanted bushes, weeds and plants. Setting out or ground tracing is the process of laying down the excavation lines and center lines etc. on the ground before the excavation is started.

Maximum of 4 and minimum of 2 benchmarks are marked in the corner for the measurement of level by lime powder. With the reference of drawing and benchmarks the depth of the excavation is fixed for the excavation to be done by manual or machine. The excavated soil is to either removed out the site or stocked around 1 m away from the excavation pit.

Dressing of excavated pits is to be done as specified in the drawings. If the site is located in loose soil area, proper shoring must be done to hold the loose soil. Construction of dewatering wells and interconnecting trenches are to be provided if needed.

Quality Checks for Excavation

• Recording initial ground level and check size of bottom
• Disposal of unsuitable material for filling
• Stacking suitable material for backfilling to avoid double handling
• Strata classification approval by competent authority
• Dressing bottom and sides of pits as per drawing with respect to centerline
• Necessary safety measures observed
• Quality Checks for Filling
• Recording initial ground level
• Sample is approved for back filling
• Necessary marking/ ref points are established for final level of backfilling.
• Back filling to be carried out in layers (15cm to 20cm)
• Required watering, compaction is done
• Required density is achieved.