ASGCE Services

Earth Works

Adel Ai-Sabt Gen. Cont. Est. (ASGCE) has executed numerous deep foundation works which include concrete piles, Dewatering, Shoring and other foundations essential for the construction interchange, underpass, building electric tower and camel crossing projects. These projects dealt with clients from the public & private sector as well as SABIC & ARAMCO Contractors. (ASGCE) is an expert in the construction of reinforced piles.

Adel Ai-Sabt Gen. Cont. Est. (ASGCE)’s integration between the manpower and equipment fleet has enabled the practice of several activities, among which the road maintenance projects in various parts of Saudi Arabia. (ASGCE) has been highly ranked among contractors of road maintenance. Additionally, (ASGCE)’s competent technical and administrative staff with experience and knowledge of the field have allowed the company to commit itself to superior performance. (ASGCE) prides itself in adhering to high quality standards during execution, commitment to the time schedule, safety and meeting the terms of the preservation of the environment to ultimately achieve full satisfaction of its clients.