ASGCE Solutions


We Adel Al-Sabt General Contracting Est. (ASGCE) Dewatering offers an unrivalled local dewatering solution for the Saudi region– from dewatering pump installations, on-site pump maintenance, and final withdrawal of the system.

Since the water table here in Saudi Arabia is quite high, We ASGCE offer immediate pump hire, single stage & multi stage well pointing systems, deep well dewatering systems, diesel powered centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, medium and high head pumps, and a broad range of dewatering accessories.

Dewatering is the removal of water from solid material or soil through centrifugation, filtration, or similar solid-liquid separation processes. Dewatering is the accepted term used to describe removal or draining of groundwater or surface water from a construction environment by pumping or evaporation. Within a construction site, dewatering may be implemented before subsurface excavation (for foundations, shoring, or cellar space) to lower the water table. The use of submersible "dewatering" pumps, centrifugal pumps, ejectors, or engagement of vacuum to well points submerged in the ground.

Construction of buildings, power stations, ports and many other major structures requires significant below water table excavation into water-bearing soils. ASGCE Dewatering delivers dewatering solutions for such excavations needs the controlled lowering of the water level below the slopes and bottom of the excavation to ensure dry, firm working conditions required for productive construction operations. We control groundwater through several forms of dewatering systems selected based on the size and depth of the proposed excavation, geological conditions, and characteristics of the soil.